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Endoscopes Worth Millions Have Been Stolen from Budapest Hospital

Hungary Today 2019.06.19.

Endoscopes worth 43 million HUF (Eur 136,000) in total, were stolen from Budapest’s Szent László Hospital on Saturday, Index reported.

The site makes reference to a reader’s letter in which they claimed to have heard sisters talking about the theft, and that the thieves definitely knew what they were dealing with.

The unusual robbery was confirmed by police in writing, and criminal investigations against “persons unknown” has begun.

In regard to the potential reason, Index quotes an earlier article that dealt with the theft of dozens of endoscopes from German hospitals. After a prolonged investigation, German police finally managed to apprehend two Colombians. They found that drug dealers use these tools to check cocaine smugglers’ stomachs or rectums.

featured image: illustration; via MTI/Attila Balázs