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Emmi: Remembering the Roma Holocaust

admin 2014.08.02.

August 2 marks the national commemoration day of the Roma Holocaust of the Second World War. Violence has to be repelled, since nobody can authorize it, and cannot be explained, wrote the Ministry of Human Resources (Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma, Emmi) in a statement, reported news agency MTI.

The Roma Holocaust is crime against humanity, there is and never was any acceptable explanation for its atrocities, writes the ministry’s State Secretary for Family Affairs and Social Inclusion. The depressing legacy of remembrance is a burden of our generation, the statement adds.

The Roma Holocaust is not just issue for the Romas, it is a common cause, a cause of the country, Europe and the world, emphasized the statement. The ministry believes, it is their goal to draw attention to the tragic, inhumane and shameful harassment of Romas before and after the world war, so that it can never happen again.

The Roma Holocaust Memorial Day has been organized every year since 1972. According to historic estimates, the Second World War and Holocaust caused the death of 2 million Romas all across Europe, with 10 to 30% of them deported from Hungary. (MTI)

MTI photo János Vajda