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Emigration: Proportion Of Hungarians Planning To Move Abroad At The Highest Level Since 1993

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.05.12.

The proportion of Hungarians planning to emigrate  in April 2015 has reached the highest level since 1993, research by the pollster Tárki has revealed.

The intent to migrate was low in Hungary until 1997, when it began to increase swiftly primarily as a result of short-term employment abroad until 2005. Between 2005 and 2010, Hungarians’ willingness to move abroad somewhat fell, but the migratory potential began to increase again between 2010 and 2012, after which it decreased until 2014. Beginning from last year, the proportion of Hungarians planning to work abroad has begun to work again, reaching levels of 2011. The share of the Hungarian population intending to emigrate at present is the highest since 1993, research by the pollster Tárki reveals.

Destinations of Hungarian migration remain unchanged in 2015, with Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom being at the front of the list. However, it is visible that the combined weight of the three dominant countries of destination have decreased compared to the situation five years ago, suggesting that potential migrants are increasingly thinking of moving to more far-away corners of the world. It is also evident that the weight of the United Kingdom – especially as a destination of emigration and long-term employment – has decreased compared to Austria and Germany.

The share of people planning to emigrate is greater than the average among men, the unemployed, young people, the politically non-active, people living in rented accomodation and the Roma population.