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Emigration: 1000 Young People Already Registered For Government’s Anti-Brain Drain Scheme

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.06.15.

Around one thousand young people living abroad have already registered on a government-operated website aiming to persuade young people living and working abroad to return in Hungary and 55 of them have already contacted Hungarian-based employers, the State Secretary responsible for the labour market and training told the state all-news channel M1.

The cabinet’s HUF 100m programme is designed to assist young people living abroad in returning home to Hungary and covers the cost of the return flight and a HUF 100 000 monthly allowance for a one-year period to support accomodation costs.

Sándor Czomba told the programme that around 350 000 Hungarians are currently working abroad, 70 per cent of whom are unmarried. In London, for example, their average age is 33 years. Non-representative surveys suggest that a mere 10 per cent of them is planning to stay abroad for a longer period, while half of emigrants return after a year, meaning that there is a chance of persuading many to return, the State Secretary said.

Competing with wages offered in the British capital, Germany or Austria is difficult but most young people do not prioritise income when they decide on returning home. Besides homesickness, accomodation and work possibilities are all more important, he said.

Commenting on the number of applicants to the programme launched in April, Mr. Czomba said that similarly to emigration, returning home is also no easy decision and can take several months. However, the first results of the scheme are already apparent, he added.

via MTI