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Electrolux Ideas Lab: Vote For Two Hungarians’ Ingenious Kitchen Concepts – Video!

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.10.21.

Projects submitted by Hungarians Anna Buzogány and Máté Tóth have both made it into the top 50 ideas at the Electrolux Ideas Lab competition. welcomes “revolutionary ideas that inspire people around the world to enjoy tastier, healthier, and more sustainable home cooking in the future”. The Swedish-based multinational home appliance manufacturer’s competition is looking for ideas such as smartphone apps, food sharing programs, kitchen tools, lifehacks, or even complete business programs, its website reads.

On the website, you can help Electrolux narrow the ideas town to the top 10 by selecting a video. Voting is open to everyone until 16th November, so don’t hesitate to seize the moment and move the two Hungarians’ projects one step closer to the main prize – € 10 000 and a visit to Stockholm, where the winner will have a chance to meet the leaders of the company and the founders of Sweden’s most successful startups to discuss developing the idea into practice!

Participants were required to submit a 30-second video of their project, describe their idea in no more than 500 votes and optionlly submit an image. Submissions for the international competition of ideas were received from 73 countries since being announced in August. Candidates from 27 nations progressed to the top 50, including the two Hungarian contestants.

Anna Buzogány sumbitted with an idea of an app called Eat, designed with input from nutritionists that would enable users to look up kitchen ingredients and other food components. The app would list “E” additives, certain foods’ positive or negative physiological effects, the amount of nutritients and energy they contained and whether they can cause allergy, in addition to recommending recipes.

Máté Tóth’s concept, Noura, is an idea for a device that enables our body to obtain the necessary nutritients while eating. The appliance analyses drops of sweat on the palm while measuring the pulse and blood oxygen level and determining the nutritients and vitamins the body needs. It would also recommend recipes and even food order offers.

Voters can select their favourite five submissions ont he website, the top 10 of which will be announced on 17 November, ahead of the final winner on 28 November.

via szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu