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Elections 2018 – Rogán: Fidesz Preparing to Form New Government

Hungary Today 2018.04.13.

The ruling alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats is preparing to put together a new government which will govern along the lines set by the Hungarian people on April 8, cabinet chief Antal Rogán told in an interview on Friday.

“Winning a parliamentary election with a two-thirds majority three times in a row is a historic achievement  (…) This latest election gives the government a very strong mandate,”

Rogán said. Last Sunday, a “convincing majority” of the Hungarian people determined the most important questions the government should deal with, he said, adding that these were the issues of stopping migration and protecting Hungary’s national sovereignty. On the subject of the soon-to-be formed new Fidesz government, Rogán said: “Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the political community of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats are counting on everyone’s contribution but not in the same roles and positions [they have held until now]”. “It’s an old custom in Fidesz that we are given responsibilities instead of positions.”

The cabinet office chief said more would be revealed about the expected structure of the new government by early May. Asked if Hungary would be able to thwart the European Union’s plans to distribute migrants across the bloc at the June EU summit, Rogán said there would be “huge pressure” on the government to approve the EU’s new legislation on migration. He called the EU’s new refugee policy “unacceptable”, saying that it was “even worse than the previous one”. He said the essence of Brussels’s refugee policy was to constantly distribute migrants among member states under a permanent mechanism. “We don’t want any part in this,” Rogán said. He said that on April 8, the Hungarian people had authorised the government to use every means in its power to protect Hungary’s sovereignty. He said a constitutional amendment proposal seeking to ban the settlement of “foreign populations” in Hungary that was first submitted to parliament in 2016 but failed to pass after radical nationalist Jobbik rejected it, would be put back on parliament’s agenda.

Rogán also said Fidesz would have to “dust off” the “Stop Soros” bill and expand it so that it is brought in line with the “new circumstances”. He said Hungary had already come under attack on Thursday when the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) debated a draft report criticising the state of the rule of law in Hungary which Rogán said was “full of lies and factual errors”. “This is a Soros report. It was prepared by the organisations of [US financier George] Soros and it reflects the lies they have said hundreds of times,” Rogan said. “The document has only one goal and that is to put pressure on the Hungarian cabinet.”

Asked if he thought Brussels would launch the Article 7 procedure against Hungary, Rogán said the EU would direct “cannon fire” against the country, but “there won’t be such a procedure” because Hungary and Poland have assured one another that they would veto any “political witch hunt” against the other country. “And this is a political witch hunt, because the claims that, for example, opposition politicians are beaten up in Hungary, these were true, except not now, but rather in 2006,” he said, noting that back then, the EU had not launched any procedure against Hungary.

On another subject, the cabinet office chief said the International Monetary Fund had also joined “the UN and Brussels’s choir” by “trying to depict migration as a positive”. “Looking at the various documents by the IMF, the UN and Brussels, it is starting to seem like migration is a magic bullet. A cure for all ails. But it’s not.” He said migration was not a solution, but rather a phenomenon that only caused more problems. Rogan added that migration was a threat to European culture and the safety of Europeans.


via MTI

image via Kovács Attila/ MTI