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El Asador De Pata Negra: True Spanish Gastro Experience In The Heart Of Budapest

Robert Velkey 2017.03.31.

The Spanish gastro-culture started to conquest Budapest, and fortunately the tapas bars slowly offer more than “paella” and “patatas bravas”. A great pioneer is the Tapas Bar of Budapest if we talk about Spanish cuisine. Their newborn child is the el Asador de Pata Negra, where you can find meats in the focus but the conception is the good old “put everything on the table”.

The burning heart of the restaurant is the imported furnace from Spain which one looks like a crematorium developed by the NASA. This furnace is a magic box, makes the meal taste simply amazing. The goodness of the meals depends on the furnace, meat – fire – dinner!


Vilmos and Szilveszter – The owners of Asador learned everything in Spain and now they want to upgrade their undertaking by opening the third restaurant the Asador. So, they import the best quality flesh from Spain, and the ultimate point of the cuisine is the best quality of this.


You can find any kind of animal’s meat here, that you can’t find in any other Hungarian restaurants. For example, you can order baby (goat) kid’s meal or little piggy, little lamb etc. Why is it much more better than any other restaurant? Because the charcoal burned furnace, and the young flesh makes a so gravy and tasty meal that cannot be explained.


You have to try it. What’s more they are not an extremely expensive place. For 3500 Forints (almost 10 euros) you get 600gramm of meals. It is a good deal. If you are hungry let’s point the Paulay Ede street and reserve your seat here.


photos: menandtal / Péter Csákváry