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Egypt Of Pharaohs: Record-Breaking Exhibition Sees 114 000 Visitors In Southern City

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.01.02.

Szeged’s Móra Ferenc Museum was written history with its exhibition entitled ‘Egypt of Pharaohs’, which closed on 30 December to broke all earlier records with 114 000 people viewing the stunning Egyptian artefacts put on show.

20114 was the year of Pharaohs in the museum, with the public collection and its exhibition halls awaiting visitors “dressed in Egyptian” in the previous months. Large numbers of people turned out at the exhibition, which was realised under international cooperation, to gain insight into the unfamiliar world of ancient Egypt, press referee Krisztián Medgyesi said.

The exhibition was open to visitors until 30 December and said farewell to the southern city by breaking all previous records to welcome 114 000 visitors. This number is higher than any previous record in the number of visitors to the institution and also marks a milestone in museum history as no periodic exhibition in any museum outside Budapest has ever been seen by such a high number of people.

The Móra Ferenc Museum’s exhibition on Pharaohs awaited visitors in three locations around the city in previous months; those interested could become acquainted with religion and rulers in the main building, while the mysteries of mummification and medicine were portrayed in the so-called “Black House” and the secrets of burial rituals in the Kass Gallery.

The exhibition was one of the most important events in the cultural life of not only the city of Szeged but also the entire region in 2014.