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Eger To Host 18th Egri Bikavér Festival In Celebration Of Its Famous “Bull’s Blood”

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.07.02.
The eighteenth Egri Bikavér festival, carrying the name of the norther Hungarian town Eger’s famous type of wine, will be held between 9 and 12 July of this year. The celebration will await its visitors with 119 types of wine produced by 32 wineries and food prepared by 19 restaurants, alongside a number of concerts and other side-programmes, it emerged at a press conference on Wednesday.
Egri Bikavér or Bull’s Blood is, of course, the main attraction, almost  40 cellars will have stands at the festival serving Bikavér, and alongside them will be more than 20 local chefs producing dishes to complement the red stuff.  Among the winemakers who will be at the festival, János Bolyki, Lajos Gál and Vilmos Thummerer are particularly well-regarded, and some of the noted restaurants turning out culinary delights will include the Barabás Restaurant (Debrecen), Fehérszarvas and the Zsálya Bistro.

If the deep, acidic tones of Egri Bikavér are not to your taste then do not despair as two other wines, Egri Csillag (a white cuvée introduced in 2010) and locally produced Rosé are also part of the festival and many of the wineries will be showcasing their versions of these wines.

For those of you who aren’t particularly enamoured of the whole wine circus thing then there is plenty on over the four days that doesn’t require you to sniff at a glass and make strange noises. Throughout the festival there are cultural and music events (see below for the full program) taking place in and around Érsekkert (Bishop’s Garden/Park).

Click here to read the festival’s full English-language programme!

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