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Eger Castle To Become National Memorial Site

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2014.12.15.

Having already debated the amendment of the law on the protection of cultural heritage, the National Assembly is expected to vote on the proposal on 16 December. Deputy State Secretary for cultural heritage protection at the Prime Minister’s Office Imre Puskás held a joint press conference together with Fidesz MP Zsolt Németh and László Habis, mayor of the town of Eger on the most significant changes and the effects the new law is to have on the historic town.

“On 12 February 2014, we submitted a proposal for the Hungarian National Assembly to classify Eger Castle as a national memorial site. We can say with certainty that it will be supported by the majority of Parliament because governing parties’ parliamentary groups have indicated their approval and I am very confident that opposition MPs will also cast their votes in support of Eger Castle being classified a national memorial site. We find this important because Eger Castle is a symbol: the symbol of the will to fight and to live, the symbol of Hungarian freedom and success”, MP Zsolt Nyitrai said.

Speaking of the amendment of the law on cultural heritage protection, Deputy State Secretary Puskás said that the aim of the amendment is to establish a new approach to heritage protection to enable the improved coordination of the aspects of the economy, society and heritage management. “We wish to create new regulations to ensure that the economic interests of large investments shall not be in conflict with heritage protection and archeological excavation but rather reconciliable with them”, he said. The second major element of the amendment addresses the issue of protected buildings and also aims to eliminate the conflict of economic and social interest.

“This is a serious and comprehensive amendment, which serves the interests of society, the economy and those involved in heritage protection”, the Deputy State Secretary said.