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Edmund Stoiber: Hungary Shall Make Its Voice Heard


It is important that Hungary should make its voice heard in Brussels, Edmund Stoiber, former minister president of Bavaria, said. Not only large countries but those smaller than Hungary, such as Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland and the Netherlands should also be vocal in the European Union and should be as strongly represented as other countries with larger populations, Stoiber told Hungarian public television.

Stoiber urged more dialogue between Hungary and the EU, saying that Brussels often moves fast to express criticism towards Budapest. The Hungarian government has taken steps to respond to proposals and fulfill requirements within the country’s legal framework most of the time, he said. “To express opposite views is perfectly legitimate, but it is unacceptable that some sort of generalised accusations are directed against a democratically elected government; against the country itself.”

Meanwhile Hungary’s Prime Minister gave an interview to German business newspapers Handelsblatt, insisting  that Hungary is not moving closer to Russia. In reply to a question regarding what he meant when he said that the financial crisis had shown that liberal democracies are no longer globally competitive, Viktor Orbán explained that Europe’s economic significance is decreasing, but the people of Europe believe that the greatest freedom and prosperity exists on their continent, and so they find it difficult to accept that “we are losing ground in the international competition”. Acknowledging the fact that “non-democracies” are more successful than Europe is a “psychological trauma in Europe”, he noted.

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