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Editor Of Hungary’s Largest Political Daily Resigns After Causing Fatal Traffic Accident

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.05.14.

The editor-in-chief of Hungary’s largest-circulation daily political newspaper has resigned after causing a fatal traffic accident.

Marcell Murányi, who was editor-in-chief of the centre-left Népszabadság since August 2014, issued a statement in which he claims to have learned of the death of the man “who was injured in the accident I was involved in” from the press.

Mr. Murányi has been accused of failing to provide help to a person in immediate need after hitting a cyclist at the corner of Rottenbiller utca and István utca in Budapest’s District VII and driving off without providing help on 30 March. Today morning, it emerged that the cyclist involved in the hit-and-run accident had died of his injuries.

The journalist acknowledged his responsibility at a police interrogation but claimed that he did not consciously abandon the injured man. “I have been deeply shaken by the case and would like to express my sympathy for the person injured in the accident”, he wrote in the statement, still being unaware that the man had since died.

Népszabadság’s publisher Mediaworks Zrt. refused to comment on the case until official investigations and procedures have come to a close.

Before being appointed as editor-in-chief of Népszabadság, Mr. Murányi was in charge of the tabloid newspaper Blikk for eight years. The paper, which is Hungary’s most-read daily, failed to feature Mr. Murányi’s accident in its edition published today.

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photo: MTI/Balázs Mohai