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Hungarian Finance Expert Explains Economics Through his Favorite Recipes – Video!

Fanni Kaszás 2017.11.08.

How are goulash and trade or cartels and stuffed cabbage related? Peter Ormosi, senior lecturer of University of East Anglia, has the answer: in his videos, he combines his love of cooking with economics in a bid to highlight the importance of the subject to a wider audience.

As well as helping his new undergraduate students to develop an interest in economics, his aim is to show everyone how relevant it is to everyday life. He uses his videos to explain everyday economics through his favorite Hungarian recipes, such as stuffed cabbage, goulash or chicken paprikas.

Dr Ormosi has five videos so far – on the  economics of food waste, the “Ikea effect”, inequality, trade and cartels -, in which he explains topics part of current public debates and makes them accessible and relevant for everyone.

The lecturer plans to produce more videos in the coming months, with topics such as the price of food or sugar taxes.

His vlog, The Chopping Board Economics can be viewed here.

via uea.ac.uk; 444.hu
featured photo: mnhsz.com