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EC Survey: 4% of Hungarians Worked Black Last Year

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.03.03.

According to a survey conducted by the European Commission, 4 percent of Hungarians and 3 percent of EU citizens worked undeclared over the past year.

Fully 15 percent of Hungarian and 10 percent of all respondents said they had paid for services without receiving an invoice at least once over the year.

Of all respondents, 30 percent said they paid for black reconstruction and repair works last year. Among Hungarian respondents, that ratio was 33 percent.

Beauty and hairdressing services were provided without an invoice for 27 percent of all respondents and 48 percent of Hungarians.

Fully 16 percent of EU citizens and 40 percent of Hungarians said that they were given no invoice when buying food products at least once last year, the survey showed.

The EC has launched a campaign to eliminate black labour and unlawful employment. The initiative aims to raise awareness among employees, entrepreneurs and policy makers of the vulnerable situation of black labourers and the way black labour distorts competition and harms the economy.