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Easter Holiday Boosts Retail Sales As Egg Consumption Doubles In Hungary

Tamás Székely 2015.03.31.

Retail sales in the run-up to the Easter holiday are expected to rise by 60 billion forints, about the same amount as last year, according to the National Retail Association (OKSZ). Last year’s retail sales around the holiday were up from 45 -50 billion in the preceding years, said OKSZ chief secretary György Vámos. This year’s sales were helped by the decision by some retailers to keep their doors open on Palm Sunday, as allowed under recently introduced legislation that keeps most big stores closed on Sundays.

Meanwhile though egg consumption is expected to double in the week before the Easter holiday, prices are likely to remain stable as supermarkets hold sales, the head of the Poultry Products Council said. The price of eggs stands at 35-40 forints apiece at present, 4-5% dearer than a year earlier, said Péter Földi. The highest prices are to be found at farmers’ markets, he added. Hungarian farmers exported 46 million eggs last year.

The country imported 60 million eggs, according to data compiled by the Central Statistical Office, but the council estimates the number was 800 million in reality, Földi said. The introduction of a national electronic tracking system for road freight at the start of this year is expected to squeeze illegal egg imports, he added. The egg business is expected to be worth 60 billion forints this year. Farmers’ input costs add up to 18.5 forints per egg or 22.5 forints with packaging. They retail for net 24 forints, Földi said.

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