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Dömötör: Over Half a Million Have Filled out the National Consultation on Family Benefits

Ábrahám Vass 2018.11.30.

According to Secretary of State of the PM’s Cabinet Office Csaba Dömötör, with only three weeks to go, over half a million people have filled out and returned the government’s ‘National Consultation’ public survey on family benefits.

In a video posted to his Facebook channel, Dömötör highlighted that with just three weeks left until the deadline, 543,000 people—7% of which used the internet—have filled out the survey. “This high rate of participation proves that family affairs are of more importance than our everyday political debates,” Dömötör claimed.

Hungarian Government Launches New National Consultation on Family Subsidies

Hungary’s government has held a number of national consultations over the years seeking feedback from citizens on issues such as the new Fundamental Law, economic issues, social security, conditions affecting pensioners and the so-called “Stop Brussels” and “Stop Soros” consultations regarding immigration. These public surveys often ignite controversy. According to George Soros, the Hungarian government’s consultation on him and his alleged plan “deliberately” misrepresented his views. Opposition parties have accused the government of lying about the number of responses and making surveys with only one option to choose from.

The current consultation is accompanied by a media campaign, radio and television spots and billboard advertisements.

featured image Csaba Dömötör- Facebook