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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) will submit a draft resolution calling on parliament to condemn Turkish aggression in Syria, the party’s deputy group leader said on Wednesday.

The resolution would condemn “Turkish bloodshed” and demand that Turkey immediately terminate its offensive, Gergely Arató told a press conference. It would also express solidarity with innocent victims of the incursion and persecuted civilians, and as well as making a stand for European security.

He said DK’s move was in reaction to Turkey’s manoeuvers in Syria since Oct. 9 “that have been condemned according to international law”.

Arató said it was “shameful” that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán had sided with the Turkish president, “a warmonger”. He also chided the Hungarian government for “vetoing a timely statement” by the European Union condemning the Turkish attack.

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“Turkey’s aggression obviously poses a direct threat to Europe as the fighting could trigger another wave of refugees heading to Europe,” he said.

In the featured photo: Gergely Arató of DK. Photo by Zoltán Balogh/MTI