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DK Queries Lack of Screening on Public Roads from Northern Italy

MTI-Hungary Today 2020.02.26.

The opposition Democratic Coalition has asked the government why no decision has been taken to screen travellers on public roads arriving from virus-hit northern Italy at Hungary’s borders.

Citing press reports from Romania, deputy party leader Csaba Molnár told a press conference that around 2 million Romanians were working in Italy and around 800,000 of them lived in the northern region of that country.

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“DK doesn’t want to cause panic but it does want reassuring answers from the government and the authorities,” Molnár said.

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Reports show that masses of Romanian guest workers have set off in recent days to return home from northern Italy, he said, adding that the majority of them were travelling on public highways. A brief look at the map clearly shows that they would most likely pass through Hungary, Molnár said.

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DK has been told that Romania has introduced screening at its borders but no information has been forthcoming about checks by the Hungarian authorities, he said. Schengen rules enable the introduction of border controls when there are epidemics and public health issues, he added.

In the featured photo illustration: the border station at Letenye. Photo by György Varga/MTI