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DK’s Gréczy to Return Parliamentary Mandate after Scandal

Hungary Today 2019.12.23.

In the wake of the harassment accusations and leaked naked photos, Democratic Coalition (DK) MP Zsolt Gréczy announced that he would return his Parliamentary mandate.

On Friday, Gréczy told left-leaning commercial channel ATV that he had informed party leader Ferenc Gyurcsány about his decision earlier the day. He said he would return his mandate effective December 31st because the recent publication of intimate photos of him in the press could pose a burden on his party. This situation, he said, “is not the time for explanations, I do what I have to do so I return my mandate (…) What is a personal spiritual burden is not transferable to my party.”

In reaction, Gyurcsány said that they would work together further on. “We’ll take care of him. Gréczy did something stupid – in his private life. But as his private images have been made public, a private matter has become a public matter. Contrary to the allegations, he didn’t harass anyone.”

Recently, Gréczy had to face three accusations. First, earlier this month, pro-Fidesz tabloid Bors published an open letter of the former drummer of a Hungarian pop band who claimed that the politician again and again tried to approach his young partner, whom he has been living with for years. The Facebook post in which the couple accused Gréczy has since been removed while, according to Gréczy, both the musician and his fiancé have since said there was no harassment.

Then pro-Fidesz tabloid Pesti Srácok published a video showing far-right Mi Hazánk’s parliamentary expert Nóra Palányi accusing the leftist-liberal politician of too intensely approaching her. Gréczy had been messaging her, and approached her twice in a supermarket and also at Parliament, but after a while she rejected his advances. Gréczy admitted that they were in contact but denied any kind of harassment. On the other hand, he proved that Palányi was responding to his advances and even okay-ed an invitation.

In the most recent case which erupted on Tuesday, a still unknown sender contacted several newspapers via e-mail about a story of her meeting with Gréczy at a DK event. Gréczy asked for her phone number but she only gave him her name. According to the sender, this was enough for Gréczy to find her on Facebook the next day and start harassing her. In this case too, the harassment -which Gréczy consistently denies and has announced to file lawsuits against- also remains to be proven; however, a number of intimate photos have been leaked showing Gréczy in very delicate circumstances, in many cases posing naked in front of a mirror.

DK’s Gréczy: “I’m the Victim Here, Not the Harasser”

On Thursday, Gréczy said that ruling Fidesz’s circles had informed him well in advance that revenge was being planned [perhaps for the Borkai case] and he would be the one targeted.” He claimed that somehow they obtained his private photos (showing him posing naked), then made up a story for, which he claims is not true.

As Gréczy gained his parliamentary seat through the party’s list, it is up to DK to choose and appoint someone to replace him in the National Assembly from January 1st.

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