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DK: Govt Members Should Be Held Accountable If Opposition Wins 2022 Election

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.06.01.

A senior opposition Democratic Coalition politician has vowed to hold members of the current government and their circle accountable for “stolen billions and years of lying” if the ruling Fidesz party is ousted in the 2022 general election.

Olga Kálmán told an online briefing on Tuesday that “European Hungarians” would have to hold a “major clean-up operation”, since whatever the government and its circle of friends laid their hands on “money gets pumped out”.

Referring to firms run by Gyula Balásy producing government communications material, Kálmán said one such money spigot was “government propaganda”. Last year, New Land Media made a post-tax profit of almost 4 billion forints, while Lounge Design made over 1.4 billion.

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She said Fidesz oligarchs were “parasites” who not only lied about public money but got rich on the back of it.

featured image via Olga Kálmán- Facebook