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The Democratic Coalition (DK) believes governing Fidesz couldn’t defend Hungarians from the coronavirus pandemic, which is why it is spending billions of forints on a Covid immunity certificate, a “patch-up job” that will no longer be valid in on one or two months, the opposition party’s spokesman said at a press conference on Facebook on Saturday.

Balázs Barkóczi said the immunity certificate will only be valid within Hungary, as it doesn’t show the type of vaccine, as required by European Union rules.

Problems and Doubts Accompany Immunity Certificate Rollout
Problems and Doubts Accompany Immunity Certificate Rollout

Last week, the government began issuing coronavirus immunity certificates. The system, however, raises a number of questions, as apparently it has several weak points, while the benefits and scope of validity of the certificates are still awaiting clarification. As we previously reported, the documents are being posted automatically and free of charge for those who […]Continue reading

“Instead of meaningful pandemic management, government hastiness and paralysis is on display,” he said.

featured image: Balázs Barkóczi- Facebook