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DK Demands to Know How Thousands of Foreigners Received Hungarian Residence Permits

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.02.06.

The opposition Democratic Coalition has asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to explain how come thousands of foreigners have got hold of a Hungarian residence permit.

Zsolt Gréczy, the leftist party’s spokesman, told a press conference on Wednesday that around 20,000 came to Hungary with golden residence bonds and he cited a press report suggesting that the Immigration and Asylum Office had issued residence permits to over 9,000 people in the past two years “for other purposes”.

He insisted that as in the case of those with residency bonds, these people had not been screened and the authorities had been unaware of their nationality.

Controversial Residency Bonds Good Springboard for Chinese, Russians, Middle-Easterners

The DK politician said that ruling Fidesz was unprepared to accept people fleeing from violent conflict yet had “installed” 30,000 people in the country “without controls”.

Meanwhile, on the topic of opposition cooperation in the upcoming EP and autumn local elections, Gréczy said that “everyone should work together” when it came to “national affairs” but DK would go it alone in the EP elections. In local elections, however, the party wants the best opposition candidate to emerge in each electoral district to face the pro-government candidate, he added.

featured image: Zsolt Gréczy; via