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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has called on Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to withdraw plans to veto the European Union’s next seven year budget and post-pandemic recovery fund “before he is completely left alone with this issue.”

At an online press conference on Friday, DK MEP Sándor Rónai cited reports from the previous day according to which Poland was ready to withdraw its veto plans if EU leaders approved an explanatory resolution on the relation between financial support and rule of law criteria.

DK: Govt's EU Budget Veto Would Strip Country of Eur 39 Bn
DK: Govt's EU Budget Veto Would Strip Country of Eur 39 Bn

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s planned veto of the European Union’s next budget would deprive Hungary of at least 14,000 billion forints (EUR 39 bn) in community funding, “or that much money could be jeopardised”, Democratic Coalition head Ferenc Gyurcsány said on Friday. Speaking at an online press conference, Gyurcsány said that the prime minister’s remarks […]Continue reading

Rónai said the veto issue had led to a coalition crisis in Poland. In addition to the Polish opposition, even some of the ruling parties understand that a veto would cause serious damage to the country, he added. One of the ruling parties has threatened to leave the coalition in case the veto is implemented, he said. The MEP added:

There are high chances that the Poles will sooner or later reverse from the dead-end situation that they have loudly entered together with Orbán.

He said that “in case that happens, Orbán will be in big trouble and Hungary will be in the greatest trouble.”

The veto will not harm the EU or other European countries but Hungary, because Hungarian businesses and Hungarian people will be left out of the EU rescue package, Rónai insisted.

featured photo: Sándor Rónai MEP in the European Parliament (Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI)