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DK Calls on Govt not to Finance Church, Hospital Projects abroad

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.01.23.

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has proposed legislation to ban the government from “spending Hungarian taxpayers’ funds on churches or hospitals abroad as long as a single hospital in Hungary is facing bankruptcy”.

Zsolt Gréczy, DK’s parliamentary spokesman, told a press conference on Wednesday that the government’s financing “construction of housing in Iraq, churches in Lebanon or Mexico, as well as hospitals in Syria, Vietnam, or Nigeria” through the Hungary Helps programme was a “crime” at a time when Hungary’s healthcare system is “falling apart” with “services being stopped and hospital departments left without doctors”.

Gréczy said that “there is hardly any hospital in Hungary that has not amassed debts in the several billion forint range” and mentioned Budapest’s Honvédkórház with a debt portfolio of 1.5 billion forints (EUR 4.7m), where 54 doctors have recently quit their jobs.

Solving the problems of “Europe’s Hungarians” should be a top priority for the government “anything else must come second”, Gréczy insisted.