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Disaster Management Authority Takes Over Waste Collection in Pest, Nógrad villages

 The disaster management authority on Wednesday took over the coordination of waste management in 116 villages in the central and northern Hungarian counties of Pest and Nógrad, a state secretary of the interior ministry said.

Collection of household waste resumed on Wednesday after a two-day pause in the villages in question, the non-profit contracted for the task, Zöld Híd, said in a statement.

State Secretary Tibor Pogácsás told a press conference on Wednesday that the government’s utility cuts programme has ended companies’ practice to “raise [waste collection] fees at their hearts’ content”, requiring rationalisation within the companies. Some companies are remiss in that, Pogácsás said.

In a Tuesday resolution, the government regrouped 26.4 billion forints (EUR 81.3m) to fund waste management, the Tuesday issue of the official gazette Magyar Közlöny showed.

József Gál, a Budapest councillor of green opposition LMP, slammed the measure as “a one-off injection instead of comprehensive measures”. “A viable waste management system would require 30 to 40 billion forints of additional funds,” he said.

The utility cost cuts are a “scam”, Gál said, and argued that people pay for the high waste collection costs through a 27 percent VAT and other taxes.

via MTI
featured photo illustration by nyugat.hu