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Diósgyőr Castle Renovation Under Way

admin 2014.08.01.

The renovation of the Diósgyőr Castle is proceeding according to schedule as work is under way on the castle’s structure. The finished construction will result in a state of the art museum and castle complex, with medieval showroom, gallery, kitchen and authentic hunting illustrations.

The second floor of the Diósgyőr Castle will showcase the castle’s vivid history, with its authentic luxurious interiors, this floor will present how kings lived in the medieval times. In the north wing, Central Europe’s greatest knights’ hall shall be rebuilt, and with its 300 square meters it will serve as a concert and conference hall. The reconstruction of the chapel in the east wing will open the possibility to holding weddings in this unique atmosphere.

The complete reconstruction of the castle will entail two floors, providing a full museum experience to visitors. Without a laid out path in the museum, visitors can explore the castle freely, spending hours in the mythic medieval atmosphere of the Diósgyőr Castle. The goal of the interactive environment is not just entertainment, but historic education, and with the help of reenactors, in their authentic clothing, visitors can expect a complete experience.

MTI photo János Vajda