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Die Presse: Refugee Crisis Has Made Hungarian PM Orbán "Leading, Visionary" European Politician


Long after, Europe again has a leading personality, an ideologue with a historic vision, an opinion piece published in the conservative Austrian daily Die Presse writes in praise of Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Branding the Hungarian leader “strategically cunning, rhetorically good, staunch in his actions and consistent in substance”, Sybille Hamann, the article’s author, points out that in the eyes of liberals, this leader, who they claim does not support freedom and human rights, is not one of them. PM Orbán is “unfortunately good” in exploiting the refugee crisis to become the defining figure of the European authoritarian Right, she adds.

Viktor Orbán stands out among other European leaders by extending his thought beyond Hungarian borders, the article says, stressing that while Hungary is a minor player in terms of the economy and is “rather closed-minded”culturally, it has nevertheless emerged to the forefront of public attention both tactically and ideologically as a result of the refugee crisis. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants to “put an end to the liberal Europe” and many want to help him do so, the piece concludes.

photo: Thierry Charlier/AFP