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The Design Of Scarves – Let Us To Introduce One Of The Cutest Fashion Brand

Robert Velkey 2017.05.17.

Do you like scarves? What about silk? Wait for it… what do you think about a handmade fashion (basically of scarces) made of silk that has cute patterns and prints on it.

VYF is definitely one of the cutest sweetest fashion designer brands in Hungary. The fashion brand was founded in 2014 by Viola Balázs and Tamás Szécsi and immediately won a grand prize of Central European’s biggest fashion competition. (no wonder, cool stuff!).


The brand, VYF, Hungary’s first scarf brand. These spectacular pieces of silk accessories are in every case belonging to the current limited collections, made with the greatest care. Old and new, tradition and modernity have met on this silky surface with a lot of creativity. This seem-to-be paradox is also visible through the production itself: although the print are digital, the original samples are very much hand-made.


This way a humorous and striking balance was born between authentic traditional style and the modern digital world, placing an old concept into a new environment, giving an idea about our parent’s childhood to the new generation.

We wanted to start our own brand anyway, said Tamás Szécsi. After a research we found that the scarf-market will be our field, as the field of scarfs is a niche market said the founder of the company. Momently, we produce our products “in the house” but as we can, we would like to hire people for the producing he added.


The first collection was inspired by the “college cuisines”. They create a new collection in picked a topic, annually.

There are two types of the scarfs. The bigger ones are 135×135 large and the smaller ones are 67×67 centimeters large. You can have a look at the creative products in the webshop, here.


via: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu; diamondsandspikes.com; vyf.hu

photos: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu;

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