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Derelict Building In District VII To Be Converted Into Unique Museum Portraying Jewish Life – Gallery!


A museum dedicated to Jewish life in Budapest from the late 1800s to the time of the Holocaust is to be established in a derelict, protected apartment building at 5 Csányi utca in District VII.

The fate of the protected but crumbling architectural monument, one of the district’s smallest apartment buildings, was uncertain after it was occupied by squatters but authorities refused to issue a permit for a “ruin pub” because of its dangerous condition.

Flats in the dilapidated building in Csányi utca will be converted into apartments resembling those once occupied by families of different social standings in Budapest’s Jewish quarter across the decades. The first apartment is to become the family home of a successful Jewish entrepreneur form 1896, when the district’s inner part was populated 80% by Jews. The flat will already include many conveniences of modern life, such as running water, sewage and electricity. The third apartment will be turned into a rabbi’s home from 1910, the second into a printing house worker’s one-bedroom dwelling from 1930 and the fourth into the workshop of a Jewish seamstress from 1944, the time of the Holocaust.

Besides the four apartments, the cellar will be converted into an air-raid shelter from the time of the siege of Budapest in 1944-45. The majority of funding to establish the museum – around HUF 500 million – will be provided by the district municipality and the Prime Minister’s Office and the city of Budapest will contribute HUF 70 and 79 million respectively. Over 80 per cent of exhibits have already been collected and are currently in storage.

The concept images do not necessarily reflect the final design of apartments.

photos:ános Bődey