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Deputy Prime Minister: Hungary Against EU Plans to Tighten Gun Regulations

By Fanni Kaszás // 2018.02.16.

Hungary is joining forces with the Czech Republic and Poland to counter European Union plans “to tighten gun rules on the excuse of the fight against terrorism”, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén said. 

At the 25th International Hunting and Fishing Expo, FeHoVa, in Budapest, Semjén said that tightening gun rules will only restrict hunters; he also argued that, instead of changing well-functioning regulations, efforts should be focused on preventing illegal border crossings.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that, in recent years, Hungary cut unnecessary red tape and simplified its gun laws.  He said that any legal proposal or draft bill affecting hunters needs to be approved by professional organisations first, before it can go to parliament.  Important agreements have also been signed by hunters’ organisations, ministries, environmental groups and the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation CIC.

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén (right) with Istrate Stetco Romanian State Secretary for the Ministry of Waters and Forests (left) at the FeHoVa Expo. (photo: Zoltán Balog / MTI)

The Czech Republic filed a law suit against the EU in August of 2017 over plans by Brussels to tighten gun ownership. Prague claimed this could threaten national security and would undermine trust in the EU.

Earlier last year, MEPs approved updates of gun rules, including tighter controls on blank-firing and inadequately deactivated weapons, like those used in the Paris terror attacks, and an obligation for EU member states to have an appropriate monitoring system in place for the issuance or renewal of licences and to more effectively exchange information.

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featured photo: Bernard O / Flickr