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Deputy PM On Immigration: Hungarian Children Should Be Born On Hungarian Soil

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2016.03.11.

“Evidences have been fractured” both in a moral and a political sense in the European Union, acording to Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister.

Zsolt Semjén, who is also chairman of the country’s junior governing Christian Democratic People’s Party (KDNP), said at the introduction of Pascal Fontaine’s book “Europe in 12 lessons” in Budapest that mixing up the issue of refugees with the invitation of foreign labour and demographic questions has catastrophic consequences.

He also contrasted common sense and the “eternal values” represented by Christian democracy with the moral relativism and doctrinairan attitudes of the “’68 gang” he claimed to currently rule over European Union bureaucracy.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasised that demographic challenges have to be solved by countries on their own and branded support for Hungarian children being born on Hungarian soil on “obviousness”. In his assessment, allowing in masses of people from outside European culture in a cultural and ethnic sense, citing demographic reasons, would have unpredictable consequences. “This can be botched only once (…) and we’ll have to live together with them, not only us but also our children and grandchildren”, he argued.

photo: Zoltán Máthé/MTI