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Demonstrators in Győr Call for Mayor Borkai’s Resignation

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.10.21.

On Saturday, opposition parties organised a protest once again against the mayor of Győr Zsolt Borkai whose sex scandal along with corruption allegations made headlines ahead of the municipal elections.

The demonstrators signed a petition calling for mayor Zsolt Borkai, who was reelected in municipal elections a week earlier, to resign from his post and leave public life. They said he was unworthy to lead the county seat.

Borkai narrowly won the mayoral race after becoming embroiled in a sex scandal. After the win, he quit the governing Fidesz-KDNP alliance and said he would continue as an independent.

Imre Komjáthi, deputy head of the opposition Socialists, urged the protestors, who numbered around 400, to strengthen their solidarity and “chase this gang out”.

“Borkai, it’s time to pack your baggage!” Joint opposition’s mayoral candidate Tímea Glázer speaking at the demonstration. Image by MTI/ Csaba Krizsán

Ferenc Jenei, the local and regional head of opposition party LMP, called Borkai a “political corpse” and said protests against him would continue every Friday from 5.00pm.

featured image by MTI/Csaba Krizsán