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“Demonstration Turns Anti-Communist”: UK Ambassador Reads Out Predecessor’s 1956 Telegram

Ferenc Sullivan 2016.10.27.

Iain Lindsay, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Hungary, reads out a telegram sent by his predecessor Sir Leslie Fry to the British foreign ministry on 25 October 1956 in a video shared by the embassy online.

In the telegram, the diplomat who headed the British mission to Hungary at the time of the 1956 Revolution wrote that while it would still be too early to draw conclusions on the reasons and consequents of the events, peaceful protests had turned into a strong anti-Communist movement. Sir Leslie Fry, who served as British ambassador to Hungary between 1955 and 1959, also reported of the large number of injuries and fatal casualties and the population’s fear of possible reprisals.

Mr. Lindsay’s previous video messages since his appointment in March 2016, including the recital of famous poet Attila József’s poem “Tavasz van! Gyönyörű!” in Hungarian to mark the Day of Hungarian Poetry in April have been hugely popular online.

via mandiner.hu
photo: mno.hu