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Demonstration For The Autonomy Of Székely Land In Washington D.C.

By Robert Velkey // 2016.03.08.

The Székelys sometimes also referred to as Szeklers, are a subgroup of the Hungarian people living in Transylvania, Romania. In the area of the country called Székely Land, about 90% of inhabitants are Székelys. Local people have a saying: “Everybody speaks Hungarian, here you have to speak Romanian with police and public officials”. They have a stormy history in the pursuit of freedom, still the aim of the community. They hold an annual demonstration for the autonomy and freedom of their community.



In observance of the Day of Székely Freedom on the 10th of March 2016, about 30 people held a solidarity demonstration in the capitol of the United States. Last Sunday afternoon by local time, people went to Lafayette Square and met in front of the White House in Washington DC. The autonomy fighters made a “human chain” with a board inscribed Autonomy for Székely Land and waved the flag of the Székelys. They were younger and older people alike, and many of them had Székely ancestry. They said that the solidarity demonstration is held in support of a demonstration to be held in Marosvásárhely (Târgu Mureş) Romania. The demonstrations (worldwide) are to blow away the misbelief about the Székelys wanting to join Hungary or change any of the borders. They only want the right to have the opportunity to preserve their cultural heritage and win autonomy within Romania. However, the latter country rejects these endeavours outright.


Ferenc Koszorús (Frank Koszorus, Jr.) the chairman of American Hungarian Federation, also participated at he demonstration, as he has worked on the autonomy for the Székelys since a while. The great demonstration is going to be on the Day of the Freedom for Székelys in Marosvásárhely where last year tens of thousands marched for the autonomy of Székely Land.