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Democratic Coalition EP Program for the ‘United States of Europe’

Péter Cseresnyés 2019.05.21.

Democratic Coalition (DK), the Hungarian opposition social-liberal party led by former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány, envisions creating a “United States of Europe” in the future. While this is the most important point in DK’s EP program, it also proposes introducing European family support, a European Minimum Wage and a Minimum Pension.

Leftist opposition party Democratic Coalition (DK) introduced its EP program on 26 February. DK is and always has been the party most vocal and committed to a federalistic Europe. Unsurprisingly, the party’s most important goal is to help create the United States of Europe. Klára Dobrev, the party’s top candidate, explained this during her program introduction: “We will build the United States of Europe. Europe will be united, Europe will be strong, the main question is whether we Hungarians will be part of this Europe or not.”

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The other key for the party is establishing a social Europe. Though doubted before, it’s now being realized slowly, step by step DK says.

As part of this concept, DK proposes introducing European Family Support, which, introduced in addition to the family allowance in the Member State, would be an enormous help for Hungarian children. Also, the party plans to introduce a European minimum wage and minimum pension.

To finance all of the aforementioned social expenses, DK wants to introduce European “multi-taxing,” which would mean taxing multinational companies. Also, member states would not negotiate individually with multinational companies but with the EU, leading to much greater advocacy.

On the topic of DK’s plan for a “European health-care minimum,” the party emphasizes that European citizens should be entitled to the same level of health care across the EU.

EP Elections: With One Week to Go, Here Are the Chances!

DK announced that Klára Dobrev will top its list for the European parliamentary election.  She’s currently married to Ferenc Gyurcsány, the President of DK and former Prime Minister of Hungary.

Most surveys predict that DK will secure two mandates. However, some believe the party will only take one seat in the upcoming election. The only thing for certain is that the party’s popularity appears to be growing and a low rate of attendance at the EP election could be to its benefit.

In the featured photo: DK’s top candidate Klára Dobrev. Photo by Tamás Kovács/MTI