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Defence Cttee Asks for Demeter to be Withdrawn from NATO Parlt Assembly

Parliament’s defence and law enforcement committee has asked House Speaker László Kövér to withdraw LMP co-leader Márta Demeter, the deputy head of the committee, from NATO’s Parliamentary Assembly.

Fidesz’s Lajos Kósa, the committee head, said that Demeter had “crossed a line when she disclosed classified information” in mid-October.

Demeter had turned to the interior and defence ministers for information about one of the daughters of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, alleging she had flown from Cyprus to Hungary aboard a military aircraft. Demeter’s information proved false as it turned out that the daughter of a Hungarian officer, who has the same name as Orbán’s daughter, had been among the passengers.

Making classified military information public is an action that has to have consequences, Kósa said in the break of the committee meeting on Thursday.

The proposal was approved with 4 votes in favour from ruling party lawmakers and one against, from Demeter herself.

Hungary delegates seven lawmakers in the NATO parliamentary assembly, Kósa noted, four from the ruling and three from opposition parties. They “want to keep that ratio”, Kósa said, suggesting the opposition is free to delegate another member of green LMP.

via MTI