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Debrecen Mayor Criticized for Choosing Freshly Started Private School Instead of Public Education

Ábrahám Vass 2019.09.19.

Debrecen mayor László Papp’s (Fidesz-KDNP) son has started the school year in the city’s brand new, high-end, and super-expensive private institution, the International School of Debrecen (ISD), leftist daily Népszava revealed. This, inevitably, has led to controversies.

According to the local opposition, “this case serves as another example that public education in Debrecen has  deteriorated to the level that Fidesz politicians send their children to private schools.”

In response to local news outlet Cívishír, Papp claimed that this is a “private affair” and that “his faith and trust in Debrecen’s public education system not only hasn’t been shaken but has been further strengthened by the achievements of his older child.” He also stated that to the extent that he believes in the success of public education, he also believes in the international school, otherwise he wouldn’t have supported its creation, and the ISD only adds to the educational net of Debrecen.