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Day Of Szekler Freedom: Demonstrations Held Across Transylvania And Hungary – Gallery!

Ferenc Sullivan 2015.03.11.

Demonstrations were held at several locations across Hungary and Trasylvania yesterday to mark the Day of Szekler Freedom. The largest gathering in Transylvania took place in the city of Targu Mures (Marosvásárhely), where about 500 people paid their respects at the Memorial of Szekler Martyrs in memory of the leaders of an anti-Habsburg uprising of the Transylvanian Hungarian ethnic group, who were executed 161 years ago. Protests were held in several Transyvanian towns after the city’s mayor banned a march organised by the Szekler National Council calling for the autonomy of the Szekler people.

A demonstration to express sympathy with the Szekler cause also took place on Heroes’ Square, Budapest, where participants also expressed their disagreement with the planned Romanian public administration reform that they believe is directed against the ethnic Hungarian community.

The 500-strong crowd in Budapest included András Schiffer, co-chairman of the opposition green LMP party.

photos: MTI and