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A Day To Strengthen Togetherness – Today Is The Hungarian Diaspora Day

Robert Velkey 2016.11.15.

Last year, in 2015 on the 28th of September lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats alliance submitted a draft resolution to parliament on Monday proposing to declare November 15 as “Hungarian Diaspora Day”. The document noted that the rate of decline in the Hungarian population is highest in the diaspora communities, and says that these communities are in need of government support to halt that trend.


Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin

On the 3rd of November 2015, the national assembly registered the 15th of November as the annually Hungarian Diaspora Day. The Hungarian parliament declared the date as Hungarian Diaspora Day, as November 15 marks the birthday of Gábor Bethlen, “the greatest prince of Transylvania during its golden age”.

bethlenGábor Bethlen the uncrowned king of Hungary

Gábor Bethlen was a Protestant uncrowned king of Hungary from 1620 to 1621 and Prince of Transylvania from 1613 to 1629. During his ruling Transylvania had a great growth as well economically as socially and in a cultural mean. He developed mines and industry and nationalised many branches of Transylvania’s foreign trade. Bethlen was a patron of the arts and the Calvinist church, giving hereditary nobility to Protestant priests. Bethlen encouraged learning by founding the Bethlen Gábor College, encouraging the enrolment of Hungarian academics and teachers and sending Transylvanian students to the Protestant universities of England, the Low Countries, and the Protestant principalities of Germany. He also ensured the right of serf’s children to be educated.


On this day, “in the spirit of the legacy and work” of the greatest prince of Transylvania, the communities organizes conferences, community and cultural programs, commemorations etc; all around the Carpathian Basin and the world. The public media such as the Duna World also streaming the programs about of the day. For example, the mentioned television channel will stream the opening ceremony of the program-series from the House of Hungarians in Budapest. On the Duna World, an all-day-long thematical broadcasting will be on air.

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