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Davos Forum Exhibits Hungarian Designer’s Artwork


A photo installation put on show at a location of the 45th World Economic Forum, held in Davos, Switzerland, is the work of Hungarian video and animation designer.

Supposedly, few of the almost one billion people who watched the opening gala of the 2012 London Olympics know that the animation that ran at the peak of the grandiose event is the work of the same young Hungarian artist, Zsolt Balogh. A year on, the designer had another major success to his name: he was responsible for video installations in the spectacular David Bowie exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which recently won the prize for temporary exhibitions handed out by Museum and Heritage Awards 2014. His latest project was designing the projected scenery of the London National Theatre’s premier ‘Emil and the Detectives’.

Last May, he was commissioned by Vivid Festival to “paint” the iconic Sydney Opera House, designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon. This time, his photo montage entitled “In Search of Balance” is projected onto a wall at a location of the 45th World Economical Forum, which began in Davos, Switzerland, on Wednesday. The artwork’s pictures were selected from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s archives of photographs depicting the lives of Middle Eastern and South African people, as well as Britons of Black African ancestry.