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Danube Institute Think Tank to Host a Conference on “Debating Democracy” in Budapest


On February 23rd, the Danube Institute, a think tank based in Budapest and Washington DC, will be hosting a conference on the topic “Debating Democracy” in which distinguished speakers will examine the series of recent developments that have together raised questions about the nature of democracy.

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According to John O’Sullivan, President of the Danube Institute, the conference will address questions such as the differences between illiberal democracy and majoritarian democracy; the concept of ‘post-democracy’ and the ways in which it differs from liberal democracy; the rise of populism; whether global governance can be democratic; and whether liberal democracy really is ‘the end of history.’

Speakers at the conference will include: American journalist film-maker, and Russia expert David Satter (pictured above), author of The Less You Know, The Better You Sleep; Professor Ryszard Legutko, Polish MEP, author of The Demon in Democracy; The Honourable Charles Crawford, former British Ambassador to Poland, author of Speeches for Leaders; György Schöpflin, Hungarian MEP, former Jean Monnet Professor of Politics at University College London; Professor Norman Stone, academic historian and author of, among numerous other works, The Atlantic and its enemies; Dr. John Fonte, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center for American Common Culture at the Hudson Institute, author of Sovereignty or Submission; and Miriam Lexmann, Director of the EU Office of the International Republican Institute.

In addition to the conference, on February 22nd the Hon. Charles Crawford will give a presentation entitled, “Political Speeches:  Democracy in the Era of #Fake News”.  This lively presentation will focus on the challenge of political speeches in an era of rapidly multiplying media organizations, both conventional and insurgent.

And on the evening of the 23rd there will be a book signing for both David Satter and Professor Legutko with their most recent books.

Reservations are required.  For further details please contact You can also check out the Danube Institute website here.