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Danube Beach May Open Next Year in Budapest After 47 Years

Fanni Kaszás 2019.07.03.

This past Saturday, on the 29th of June, it was once again possible to legally swim in the Danube in Budapest, on the shores of Római-part, since 1973. According to plans, a permanent free beach will open next year in the area.

The initiators, The City and River Association (Valyo) held the test day of the Római-part free beach for one day on the occasion of International Danube Day. The Municipality of Óbuda has recently embraced the civil initiative, which would create a beach at Római-part as well. On Saturday’s test day, about 200 meters north of the Fellini and Napbácsi restaurants, visitors bathed in an area of ​​approximately 300 meters, in 120 cm-deep water. The last time when it was legally possible to swim in the Danube in Budapest was 45 years ago, in 1973. Since then, the water quality has been excellent according to the official measurements, and it became possible to open a beach on the bank of the river once again and meet the needs of the community.

photo: Zoltán Balogh/MTI

According to the latest news, a permanent free beach could be opened in the summer of 2020. The Municipality also launched the idea of a floating wood installation on the beach, and even commissioned the Hello Wood group to design it. The capital also allocated 400 million HUF to help develop the site. According to preliminary studies, the most suitable location for the free beach and the facilities is the area between Szent János Street and Kossuth Lajos Resort.