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As Dangerously Cold Weekend Approaches, Many Homeless Remain on the Street in Hungary

Tom Szigeti 2017.01.06.

This weekend, it will be so cold that, under the wrong conditions, a person can freeze to death in under 10 minutes.

As we have previously reported, there is an extreme temperature warning for this weekend, and in some places the weather might dip as low as -24 °C.


In a recent article, news site Szeretlek Magyarország wrote about the dangers facing the homeless this coming weekend, as well as about what everyone can do to help alleviate this potentially lethal situation for those living on the street.

Below  – 10 °C, hypothermia can very easily set in. At the same time, there are many homeless who will be out on the streets in this weather, as according to several charity groups, shelters are nearing 100% capacity. In addition, there are those who will remain on the street even if there are spots available in shelters due to mental health issues.


According to Tamás Romhányi, head of communications for the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta, the most important thing that we can do

is to pay attention to our surroundings and notice changes that may indicate that someone is in trouble. You don’t need to solve the problem yourself, it is more than enough, and in fact it is extremely important, to simply get help, to tell someone that there is a problem. Social workers and paramedics cannot be in every town or in every underpass to make sure people are alright.

Addressing this issue, group Budapest Bike Maffia made a creative, powerful video to raise awareness about the dangerous facing homeless people this winter:

While the video at first shows young people mocking the homeless, it quickly turns serious, reminding the viewer that

“For many, freezing to death is no game. In the past 10 years, 2500 people have frozen to death in Hungary. You too are responsible to ensure that this number does not grow. Pay attention, and act!”

Via Szeretlek Magyarország

Images via Szeretlek Magyarország

Video via Budapest Bike Maffia YouTube Channel

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