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Cyber Security Centre Issues Warning over Blackmailing Emails

MTI-Hungary Today 2021.04.23.

The Hungarian cyber security centre NKI has renewed its warning over masses of blackmailing emails sent to Hungarian state offices, local municipalities, public institutions and private individuals.

NKI said the emails inform the recipient that his or her computer has been infected by a trojan which has copied their data, including video recordings of their activities while visiting adult websites.

The sender of the email threatens the recipient with forwarding the compromising recordings to friends or publishing them on public media unless payment is transferred.

Cyber Security Center Issues Warning Over Phone scammers
Cyber Security Center Issues Warning Over Phone scammers

The National cyber security center has issued a warning over a recent telephone scam involving callers that pretend to be customer service representatives. The statement issued on Thursday showed that the scammers usually claim to be customer service representatives of a bank or public utility company, and ask for personal data including birth details and […]Continue reading

The centre has advised all recipients of such emails to mark them as scam and neglect the threats.

featured image illustration via Pixabay