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The Return Of The Cure – The Iconic Band Held Concert In Budapest

By Robert Velkey // 2016.10.28.

It was the fourth time that the English rock band performed in Hungary and gave a concert and it was the perofrmance of the year as many bloggers sais. Besides, we can say The Cure had a hand in the Hungarian history as they visited Budapest in the times of the fall of the communism. That times three iconic band visited the Hungarian capital and the top of these concerts were the performance of The Cure on the 26th of May 1989. Yesterday, on the 27th of October The Cure returned to Budapest for a all-night-long concert.

Budapest, 2016. október 27. Jason Cooper dobos (hátul), Reeves Gabrels gitáros, Robert Smith énekes és gitáros, Simon Gallup basszusgitáros és Roger O'Donnell billentyûs (b-j) a brit The Cure együttes koncertjén a Papp László Budapest Sportarénában 2016. október 27-én. MTI Fotó: Mohai Balázs

According to the band did not destroy the myth but presented an amazing “best of” show. They re-orchestrated the good old songs a little bit more theatrical way but the songs remained in the original mood. They started the show at 8:15 with Shake Dog Shake and performed the almost three our long concert with the iconic songs such as Disintegration and Fascination Street. Sad to say but they didn’t play the The Walk and the Primary. About 10.000 visitor enjoyed the songs of the 57 years old Robert Smith and The Cure in the Budapest Arena.

About the place of The Cure in the Hungarian culture and society it’s enough to mention the end of the 80s when the band played the song Wake up in the dark in their concert at Budapest. While we are at the Cure and it is Friday, it is time to love…


photos: Balázs Mohai / MTI