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Csaba Böjte Will Hold a Joint Ceremony with Pope Francis in Csíksomlyó

Gábor Sarnyai 2019.01.17.

Pope Francis will travel to Csíksomlyó to hold an outdoor mass on Children’s Day. Csaba Böjte is particularly looking forward to this event as he will welcome the pilgrims and assist the Holy Father with the ceremony.

The Holy Father will travel to Romania for an Apostolic Visit which will take him to Bucharest, the eastern university city of Lași, Balázsfalva (Blaj) in Transylvania and the Marian Shrine of Csíksomlyó (Sumuleu Ciuc). Francis will be the second pope to visit Romania, the first being John Paul II in 1999.

Pope Francis to Hold Holy Mass in Csíksomlyó in 2019

“When someone visits another person it shows respect, love and appreciation for the work of the host; it is a great honor that Pope Francis finds us worthy of a visit. This is a very important event for the Szeklers. They have always been faithful to Rome and the Catholic Church, and now they can see the fruit of this work,” Böjte told Bors newspaper.

“We Cannot Be Better by Beating or Criticizing, Only by Loving Each Other”

The liturgy will be in Latin and the homily will be delivered in Italian by the Pope and then translated to Hungarian.

“Where the Pope is, there too is the heart of the Catholic Church. I am very happy that this heart will be beating in Csíksomlyó, even if only for a short time. I am so pleased that he will be joining us on Children’s Day,” added Böjte.

Featured image: Hungary Today