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Cristiano Ronaldo Causes Huge Loss to Coca-Cola at Budapest Press Conference

Csongor Szij 2021.06.16.

Irritated by the soft drinks placed next to him on a table at a press conference, the famous Portuguese footballer set them aside. This small act was sufficient enough to cause a 4 billion dollar loss to one of the biggest international corporations on the planet.

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at the press conference before the Hungary-Portugal football match of UEFA Euro 2020 in Budapest. Having found two bottles of the famous soft drink on the table, he instantly moved them and said he would rather drink water instead.

Cristiano Ronaldo Irritated with Soft Drinks, Promotes Water Instead
Cristiano Ronaldo Irritated with Soft Drinks, Promotes Water Instead

The Portuguese captain advocates instead for the much healthier alternative of water.Continue reading

The loss of four billion dollars on the stock market was possibly not a premeditated decision, but almost immediately afterwards Coca Cola stock prices fell 1.6% from 56.10 dollars to 55.22 dollars, and Coca-Cola’s market price fell from $242 billion to $238 billion.

The story made rounds in the international press. Coca-Cola, the official sponsor of UEFA Euro 2020, only responded that “everyone has different tastes and needs, and everyone can safely drink what they want.”

Featured photo illustration by Tamás Kovács/MTI