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Creche Subsidy Could Help 10,000 back to Work, says Govt

MTI-Hungary Today 2019.08.09.

The government’s monthly creche subsidy of a maximum 40,000 forints (EUR 123) could help some 10,000 people return to the job market, a finance ministry official told public broadcaster M1 on Friday.

The subsidy is available to those families who have trouble placing their child in a state-run creche due to space constraints and are therefore forced to leave them at a private-run creche or an onsite daycare facility at their workplace, Zoltán Marczinkó, the deputy state secretary for labour affairs, said.

He said that creche costs not covered by the subsidy need to be met by the family.

The subsidy is meant to provide temporary assistance and will only be available until the government expands the number of creche places as part of its family protection action plan, Marczinkó said.

Featured photo illustration by pixabay.om