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Craft Beers On Tap At The Főzdefeszt In The Városliget Of Budapest


The festival of craft beers called Főzdefeszt was held last weekend in the biggest public park of the Hungarian capital. This time, the “Return of the Lager” was the 11th craft beer festival in Budapest. From Friday night until Sunday afternoon, the barrels were on tap for thirsty visitors.  In a reflection of a trend which sees craft beers becoming increasingly popular in Hungary, 55 breweries presented their best beverages at the three-day festival.


Although it was a cloudy and partly rainy day, nobody was worried about the weather. Visitors tested the handmade craft beers with interest and when the European Football Championship match started they filled up the streaming tent.


On the festival there is a common thing within all kind of beers. They are not only handmade but also produced in small breweries. The one and only multinational beer factory was the Pilsner Urquell at the Városliget and they were also brought a freshly brewed barrel.


The highlighted type of beers was the Lager at this year’s festival according to the motto was Return Of The Lager. The beers of Monyó and the Zip’s products were really close to the mood and taste of Czech beers. In spite of the rainy days the Főzdefeszt brought together the best craft beer breweries and beer-drinkers of Hungary.