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Court Orders Far-Right Website’s Holocaust-Denying Articles To Be Blocked

By Ferenc Sullivan // 2015.06.25.

A Budapest district court has ordered a section of the far-right website dedicated to Holocaust-denying articles to be made unavailable.

Previously, the prosecutor’s office had appealed for the sub-page, named “Holokamu”, which translates into “Holohoax”, to be permanently blocked because “articles and writings were collected on it which deny or question that the Holocaust took place, or portray it in an insignificant light, as well as seeking to justify this statement”, which is illegal under Hungarian law. The court has now found the prosecutor’s proposal to be well-founded and ordered for the page to be made unavailable, the news website reports.

The report recalls that Tamás Deutsch, an MEP for Hungary’s ruling Fidesz Party, gave the prosecutor’s office a 72-hour ultimatum back in 2013 “to finally meet its legal obligation” and make the openly neo-Nazi website “unavailable at long last”. Speaking recently, he said that an amendent to the country’s criminal code has enabled the courts to make websites operated from abroad, such as the US-registered, unavailable from Hungary.

A previous court ruling to block a Holocaust-denying article which was published on the site in 2013 has failed to be effectuated because the US-based server where the site is registered has refused to voluntarily make it unavailable. The court has since enlisted the help of the Ministry of Justice to contact the competent US court to enforce the ruling.